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Date Rater was created for the subscribers of online dating and singles websites to give an honest opinion and rate their experiences with the various internet dating services. By providing previous customers ratings and reviews of dating websites, the potential new customers of these dating services will be able to make a more informed decision before registering and paying for a membership. All of the ratings and reviews of the online dating services and some of the dating websites are provided by visitors to Date Rater and reflect the subjective opinions of the reviewers.

Occasionally Date Rater may post online dating industry news and/or profile an internet dating service, but this does mean endorsement or disapproval of any dating website. You may rate and review as many dating websites as you would like; we do not make limitations to the number of reviews and ratings you submit. If you feel strongly either positively or negatively about an internet dating service or singles website, be sure to let others know by providing you rating and review.

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